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Attachment Based Therapy

In simple terms, ABT helps you understand how your early relationships affect your current ones. It's like untangling the strings of a knotted ball to make your relationships and how you feel about yourself better 

Let's break it down...

Looking Back: In therapy, we'll talk about your past, especially your relationships with your parents or caregivers when you were a child. These early relationships play a big role in how you relate to people today.

Patterns and Connections: We'll try to understand any patterns or habits in your current relationships or how you feel about yourself. For example, do you tend to worry a lot when someone you care about is far away? These patterns often connect to how you felt as a child.

Healing and Change: Once we figure out these patterns, we can work together to heal and change them. This might involve learning new ways to communicate, trust, or handle tough emotions. The goal is to help you have healthier and happier relationships.

Creating Stronger Bonds: Ultimately, we aim to help you build stronger, more secure connections with people in your life. This can lead to more satisfying and loving relationships.

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