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CBT Therapy

(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Think of CBT as a toolkit for your mind. It gives you tools to understand and change unhelpful thoughts, manage your emotions, and make choices that lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. It's like learning to be your own coach to overcome life's challenges.

Let's break it down...

  • Understand how your thoughts and beliefs impact the way you feel and behave. 

  • Restructure unhelpful beliefs about yourself. 

  • Learn to question your thoughts and modify your behavior in response to unhelpful thinking patterns. 

  • Process your life experiences and integrate them into who you are now. 

  • Build up your toolbox of coping skills to help you let go of dysfunctional patterns and internal conflicts. 

  • Identify how difficult emotions like anxiety, shame and burnout show up in your body.

Traditionally, CBT is pretty structured and requires an agenda for each session. However, I typically use CBT in a much less controlled way. I prefer to incorporate techniques rooted in CBT theory into my sessions.

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