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DBT Therapy

(Dialectical  Behavioral Therapy)

DBT can help you lead a more balanced, emotionally stable, and fulfilling life. It's used to build practical skills to manage stress and communicating effectively. This form of therapy is particularly helpful for women who want to set boundaries and regulate their emotions. 

Let's break it down...

​Balancing Act: Sometimes, our emotions can be really strong, like feeling extremely upset, angry, or anxious. DBT is like having a coach to help you balance these intense emotions.​

Learning New Skills: In DBT, you'll learn new skills to handle these emotions and cope with tough situations. These skills can be like tools in your toolbox for dealing with life's challenges.

Mindfulness: One important skill in DBT is mindfulness. It's about being present in the moment and paying attention to what's happening right now. This can help you manage your emotions better.

Emotion Regulation: You'll also learn how to understand and manage your emotions. It's like learning to ride the waves of your feelings without getting overwhelmed.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: DBT can also help improve your relationships. You'll learn how to communicate better, set boundaries, and handle conflicts in a healthy way.

Acceptance and Change: DBT balances accepting yourself as you are while also working on making positive changes. It's about finding a middle ground between these two things.

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