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"We have to jump through more hurdles as women, especially when it comes to how we appear and behave in the world around us." 

It’s really no surprise millennial women have been dubbed “The Anxious Generation.” Why wouldn’t we be stressed? We generally live with way more societal and financial uncertainties than our parents did --- managing student loan debt and paying our monthly rent, is enough to set us apart. 


Don’t even get me started on social media and the anxiety that comes with comparing our bodies, our lifestyle, and our successes. 


As women, we have to jump through more hurdles, especially when it comes to how we appear and behave in the world around us.  We're put under extreme pressure to “do it all” and look completely flawless while doing it. The unrealistic expectations are literally everywhere!

Here's the real

EVERYONE has it— as humans we are biologically wired to scan for threats and focus on negative possibilities. It’s our brains way of trying to keep us “safe” and trying to help us survive one step ahead of everything.  

But living in stress mode is not sustainable; it’s important to figure out when our anxiety is helping us and when it’s hurting us. 

The challenge with anxiety is learning how to create a relationship with it and learning to recognize it in ourselves. 

Working together in therapy, we will create some distance from your thoughts and feelings so you can observe them more clearly. I can help you interpret your anxiety’s message and learn healthier ways of responding to it.

I'll help you look at things from a new perspective, which can help you feel more relaxed and less anxious. We'll work on being kinder to yourself, too. 

As you become more self-aware, you will be able to identify when uncomfortable thoughts and sensations are taking over—and what to do to stop them. You will also learn how to create boundaries to help you protect your energy. 

Therapy can help you let go of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and other anxiety-related behaviors. It allows you to understand your thought process, identify triggers, and learn lifelong coping skills. Using the tools you gain in therapy, you can manage fear and uncertainty more effectively.

Instead of feeling doomed to live with fear, worry, and self-doubt forever, you can learn how to co-exist with and manage your anxiety in a healthy way. By learning your patterns, you can make lasting changes in your life.


I know it feels never ending. But change is possible. 
You can end the cycle of worry. 

Overcome feelings of anxiety, build self-confidence and stop overthinking so you can live your best life.


If you live in Pennsylvania, New York or New Jersey contact me to schedule a FREE intro call and get started.

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