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SF Therapy

(Solution-Focused Therapy)

Solution-focused Therapy focuses on finding solutions to your problems rather than dwelling on the problems themselves.


We work as a team to identify your goals, strengths, and what's already working in your life. It's a collaborative and forward-looking approach that helps you make changes and move toward a happier, more satisfying life.

Here's why I typically use SFT along-side other therapy modalities: 

Efficiency: Solution-focused therapy is often shorter-term compared to some other therapies. It tends to focus on practical solutions rather than delving extensively into past issues. This means you can see positive changes more quickly.

Less Emotional Intensity: Some other therapies may involve discussing painful or traumatic experiences in great detail, which can be emotionally challenging. Solution-focused therapy tends to be less emotionally intense, making it more comfortable for some people.

Empowerment: You play an active role in finding solutions and setting goals. This can help you feel more in control of your life and build a sense of empowerment.

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