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Modern Therapy
for Anxious
illennial Women

    Overcome feelings of anxiety, procrastination, build self-confidence and stop overthinking so you can live your best life

    Why Online Therapy?

    Life is busier than ever and your time is valuable, don't waste it.

    Online options make it easier for busy women to access therapeutic support. 

    • Flexibility in Scheduling 

    • Convenience with commuting time and $$ 

    • Comfort

    See me in between meetings, while the kiddos are napping to take me on a walk with you. Better yet, stay in your PJ's and cozy socks, we can connect right from your bed!

    My Specialties

    Are you an over-thinker-2_edited.png

    Therapy for Women

    Are you an over-thinker-2_edited.jpg

    Anxiety Therapy

    Are you an over-thinker-2_edited_edited_

    Adult ADHD

    Designed to empower Millennial Women in navigating challenges, develop coping strategies and cultivate mental resilience for a more fulfilled life. 

    Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Learn to manage and cope with your anxious thoughts. 

    Designed to help women better understand and manage their symptoms, improve relationships, and achieve personal and professional goals.  

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