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I'm Not Your Typical Therapist

As someone who has been on both sides of the therapy chair, talking to a compete stranger can definitely feel uncomfortable and I know being vulnerable is really fucking scary. 

Full disclosure, I’ve had my own not-so-great experiences with therapists.  

Being on the other side of things, I prefer a more modern approach to therapy. Because let’s be real, you want to know that your therapist gets it. You should feel like you're talking to a REAL person, with an actual personality – not someone robotically nodding and throwing psychobabble at you. 

Therapy with me looks like a free-flowing conversation, kind of like you're talking to a close friend, except I'm actually trained to give you the tools that you need. 

If you’re open to being gently challenged, I will naturally guide our conversations towards emotional depth, however, I will use levity and occasional eff bombs to lighten things up a bit.  

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Additional Experience
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Addictions and co-occurring disorders

Children and adolescents

Couple’s counseling

Family systems work


Highly Sensitive Persons


Maternal Mental Health

Mindfulness-based interventions

Parenting skills & coaching

Personality disorders


Sober curiosity

Somatic (body-based) interventions


Trauma-informed interventions

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